We have breaking news today that affects millions of our citizens.

The Canadian Soldiers have landed!

By the billions these airborne invaders have attacked the U. S. North Coast. They have laid siege to homes, businesses, anything and everything. And, it appears there is nothing we can do to repel this audacious and unprovoked attack.

However, as I record this attack, I can hear our defense forces calling to one another…called to action against this insidious threat. Some wearing the red breastplates.Others in the Crimson cloak of their mighty divisions. All on the wing to rid us of this encroaching menace.

To these brave troops I say, “Good Luck and Godspeed!”

2 thoughts on “ALERT! BREAKING NEWS!

  1. Love it. This is my first experience with them. Not nearly so dense in my hood. These are curious sentries, these soldiers. They budge for no one. Glad to have our glutinous defense team be happy.

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