I’ve had a few people request information regarding the nuts-n-bolts of this site. Here are a few of the pertinent details.

Web hosting: Bluehost. This came highly recommended by a number of users. Pricing is reasonable. Plus, they will help set up WordPress and get you started. I like having customer service ready and able to help.

Blogging Tools: WordPress. I’ve found it very easy to use with lots of features for developing a blog. Oh, and it’s free. Yeah, there are special themes and such that do cost. But, the basic package doesn’t. Note: there is that offers a hosted blog site.If you click on the WordPress link you will go to the site for self-hosting tools. I’ve chosen to self-host in order to give me more control. I’m funny that way.

Scrivener: Perhaps the best tool for anyone who is serious about writing and publishing.



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