Welcome Morning!

Quiet time between times

Slight breeze barely audible in the trees.

Mouse skitters to safety

At the approach of giant’s steps.

Sitting on blocks of hewn limestone

Unmoving fingers probing the shallow water.


I look at the surface and spy hundreds of silver swimmers.

They break the barrier of the air in search of a hearty breakfast.

The appearance is like tiny raindrops in reverse.

BlueHeronA Great Blue Heron dives toward the surface

Dipping its toe into the water.

“Too cold!” she exclaims and returns to the sky.

Purple Martins dance!

Sparrows chirp and sing at the dawn of a new day.

Midges buzz in my ear.

I look up and see pop corn clouds

Buttered with yellow hue from the coming day.

The horizon to the East is veiled in clouds,

Like the curtain on a stage awaiting the grand entrance of the ‘star.’


Dimly, the first arc of the sun appears

Taking its first steps in its daily walk across the heavens!


Clouds streak the face of this great, orange disk

Making it look like the grimy face of a child playing in the sand.

Thank You, Creator for the gift of this moment.

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