Musings on a Wednesday Morning

I love sitting in the stillness of the morning. Outside there are the sounds of crickets and the occasional acorn falling on a nearby rooftop. A candle, the scent of cinnamon, burns and fills the room with autumn. My thoughts wander here and there. They touch memories and sensations within me; without me. In the core of my being, my heart, I sense God’s presence. Peace. Be still, O my soul.

riverI allow the Muse to guide me. ‘Where shall we go? To what far off land or sea or star?’ Perhaps, we’ll simply drift on a river as it meanders through green fields. We listen to the sound of the water flowing gently over a bed of small rocks and pebbles. It tells tales of aeons past. It knows the fish and the fowl by name. Ancient people traveled along its banks; floated on its back. Never tiring, it bends and winds its way from its source to the Great Sea. There its life mingles with that of the Other in brackish love-making in which it is embraced, consumed by this One. Is this not the way of it? We travel the path before us. Touching and being touched we grow and we learn. From our beginning, our source, we are destined to live, laugh, cry…love. If fortune smiles upon us, another may join in our journey. A companion, a friend…a lover. However, our path and theirs are not the same. Even though we walk together I have my own quest. And, you have yours. Joyful as our time spent together may be, one day our ways must diverge. You will be joined to Another. Embraced by the One who is the true Source. And, I…I will flow into the Great Sea.

4 thoughts on “Musings on a Wednesday Morning

  1. Mmmm. This is by far one of your most evocative pieces. I love the sound of water, its joyful burbles as it chatters happily over the small stones that line its path – while I never reflected on what the water might know I love listening to its cheerful whispers as it washes past. I get from it the same sense of peacefulness you describe here – the energy of the water brings calm to me, and in this super-rushed world I find being near one of my favorite little streams to be a welcome respite for a while.

    • Thanx Sis. I was sitting at my computer just listening. The sounds I described
      touched me and I began to think of sounds and going places. The river was the
      natural place for that reflection. The rest just sort of ‘happened.’

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