Only You Can Provide What I Need

I am currently working through a course on writing by a guy named Jeff Goins. I’ve been a fan of his for several months. Of course, his first concern is his own well-being. But, in the process he offers help to those of us who are trying to find ourselves in the world of published writers. Part of the education process for writers is to ask for opinions. Now, for those of us who have fragile egos, like every artist on the planet, this can be daunting. However, because I want to improve at this craft, I am going to ask you, my readers, for some feedback.

I started this blog in 2009. Since then I have published 223 posts. I have received 658 views. From all of that…I have 19 comments. Now, that indicates that either no one is reading the blog. Or, that no one is taking the opportunity to comment. (I prefer the latter. Just cuz of my ego and all.)

To be fair, some of you know me and have responded to what I’ve written by personal e-mail. I appreciate that. Since about June of this year I have also linked every blog post I write to Facebook, Twitter and tumblr. Some of you have offered your opinions and feedback through those media. A couple folks I have personal contact with and have expressed their opinions personally. One of these people, someone whose opinion I cherish, once told me that a certain post revealed the ‘real Michael.’ That took me aback and I didn’t write at all for awhile because I wanted to make sure that everything I wrote revealed the ‘real Michael.’ Well, that’s not possible. I wish it was. But, I have to write. Period.

So, my request to all of you is this…Out of the posts that I write, what makes them unique? What could I do more or less of? And, most importantly, in your view, what can I do to improve?

I covet your input. Please comment and let me know what you are thinking.

Thank you ever so much,




2 thoughts on “Only You Can Provide What I Need

  1. ah, but there are many facets to the “real” Michael! Just stay sincere and honest as you have been. Your insights and musing will always be relevant. You will touch some one somewhere.
    Remember Cap’n Penny? “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Mom.” (Mom could be Creator?)

    • Thanx, Beth! Yeah, I remember the good Cap’n. Ron Penfound, I think was his name.
      I won a space helmet thing from him once. I guess once a space cadet, always a space cadet.

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