To Know Or Not To Know…That Is the Question

This morning in my time of quiet, that time I center myself in God’s Presence, I prayed for a particular Church leader. That’s really not unusual. I regularly ask God to grant grace, wisdom, and humility to those in leadership.

What was different today was how I felt that the prayer should be directed.

Rather than seeking God’s stability for this person, I prayed for God’s grace of uncertainty. For questions and doubt. I asked that God would grant an ability to see paradox.

In asking these things I am praying for this leader to find himself living in the tension of now/then, faith/doubt, reality/pie-in-the-sky.

I would that all who find themselves serving in Church leadership learn to embrace uncertainty. After all, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re left with.

Perhaps, Pete can help.

2 thoughts on “To Know Or Not To Know…That Is the Question

  1. Good to see your post in my inbox Mike. As I texted you 3/13/17 after Thom’s homecoming celebration “Can we get together and spend some time catching up? It’s been too long.”
    Now it’s been even longer so let’s get together and spend some time catching up-you, me, and Jesus. What does your schedule look like for the next three weeks or so?

    • Would love to! I’m available any weekday evening after 4:30 and most Saturdays. Sundays after noon are also a possibility. Let me know where and when is good for you and we’ll get something penciled in.

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